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Custom Sizes

Custom Cuts – Any sizes and quantities up to 2500mm x 1250mm.

Custom Shapes – Any quantity and shape that fits inside a 2500mm x 1250mm. Send a DWG or DXF for a quote.

Custom Fabrication – We have facilities for fabricating and TIG welding

Full Sheets of Mirror Stainless Steel 8+ – We can quote for any quantity of full sheets 2500mm x 1250mm.

Please enquire through email to: or fill our Enquiry Form

Product Information

Mirror stainless steel 8+ has no grain it is blemish free and has a excellent reflective quality. This product comes with a peel able protective plastic film on the front face.

The mirror finish on stainless steel can be produced by two methods, traditional mechanical polishing, and chemical polishing.

You can view all our other Stainless Steel finishes by clicking Here.

Mechanically polished mirror finish stainless steel sheet will always have a slight grain whereas chemically polished mirror finish stainless steel sheet has no grain.

The product we sell is chemically polished mirror finish stainless steel sheet, we call it 8+, standard 8 mirror finish is the best finish available with mechanically polishing. So, 8+ indicates it is a better product.

Just specifying mirror finish stainless steel sheet is not good enough if you want a near perfect mirror, you need to specify 8+ or no grain or super mirror.

Our mirror finish is as near a glass mirror as you can get.

We supply to the trade and public, we also manufacture unbreakable, anti-vandal mirrors for trade and public.

A stainless steel mirror has no back image like you can get with a glass mirror, because the glass has thickness and the back of the glass is silvered to create the mirror effect.

Our mirror stainless has many applications, and because it is practically unbreakable, stainless steel mirrors can be used in the food industry for keeping an eye on processes without the worry of breakages.

Stainless steel mirrors, also called anti vandal mirrors, are used in public outdoor spaces, they can be used overhead without fear of breakage.

Many other applications where our stainless steel mirrors are used include, public wash rooms and other indoor public facilities where glass is unsuitable.

Horse stable mirrors in our mirror stainless are also popular, they help to keep the animal calm.

Equestrian arena stainless steel mirrors help with rider training, Dance studio stainless steel mirrors help with training, Gymnasium stainless steel mirrors help with training, Garden Centres outdoor to enhance displays, Landscape Gardens as design features to create illusions of bigger spaces, Scientific Equipment as reflectors.

Mirror finish steel is produced in two grades of stainless steel, grade 304 and grade 316. Our standard stock is grade 304, grade 304 Stainless steel mirrors are suitable for most applications but for applications where a high corrosion resistance is required such as on the coast because salt water is very corrosive or in highly polluted areas grade 316 is recommended. We can supply grade 316 stainless steel mirrors to order.

We can manufacture stainless steel mirrors in any size up to 2500mm x 1250mm.

We carry stock of 0.9mm and 1.2mm, thicker sheet is available for specific applications.

Also, we manufacture vandal proof unbreakable mirrors from this product for use in public spaces, toilets, food factories etc

If you wish to know more, please visit our main website at Metal Sheets Ltd

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Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet 8+

Sheet Thickness

0.9mm, 1.2mm

Sheet Size

100mm x 100mm, 300mm x 200mm(A4), 400mm x 300mm(A3), 600mm x 600mm, 1200mm x 300mm, 1200mm x 600mm

Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet 8+

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Mirror Stainless Steel

We also cut custom sizes and shapes – see Description – just contact us

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