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Copper Natural Roofing Strips, Strap, Tingles 

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Upgrade your roof with our copper roofing strips! Whether you need to repair your roof or keep pesky slugs and snails at bay, our versatile strips have you covered.

Quick and cost-effective, our copper strips can be used for easy roofing repairs. Simply identify the damaged or missing slate, secure the strip in place with provided nails, insert the new slate, and bend the end around the lower edge for a secure fit.

Not just for roofs, our strips can also be used to protect your pots and plants from slugs and snails. Need longer lengths? Contact us for customized options. Shop now and give your home the protection it deserves with our copper roofing strips.

Our strips are made from 0.9mm thick natural copper sheet and every strip comes with a free 25mm copper nail.

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Copper Slate Straps, Copper Tingles, Roof Repairs with nail

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Our copper roofing strips, also known as tingles, are versatile and practical. Use them for quick and affordable roof repairs by securing them in place with provided nails and inserting a new slate. These strips can also be used to keep slugs and snails away from plants when placed around pots. Made from 0.9mm thick natural copper sheet, each strip comes with a free 25mm copper nail. Contact us for longer lengths

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