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Mild Steel Zintec

Zintec is made by Corus, It is cold rolled mild steel that has been electrolyically coated with a thin layer or Zinc. The Zinc thickness is usually 1.0 to 1.75 microns. Zintec is recognisable by its matt grey appearance, Significantly different to the bright spangled surface of hot dip Galvanize and Galvatite Sheet. Zintec should not be used in corrosive environments without a paint system finish. It is typically used in the manufacture of pressed metal products sush as washing machines, sheet metal fabrications and car components. A good benefit of Zintec is that it offers resistance to the formation of corrosion in storage and fabrication / production which can otherwise be a big problem when using just plain mild steel. With regards to painting and powder coating there is less preparation necessary with Zintec and the aesthetic results are generally better.

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