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Brass Mirror Polish

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Brass Mirror Polish

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his is traditional yellow brass with a highly polished finish. It very decorative and has an excellant appearance.

This sheet comes with a peelable protective plastic film on one side.

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Brasses are primarily alloys of copper and zinc, the percentage of zinc in the alloy is what produces the different grades. Each grade of brass has unique properties. MetalOffCuts stocks the most popular general purpose brass though we can source other grades as our customers wish. Grade CZ 108 is known as "Common Brass" it is a high purity cold forming brass, its composition is 63% copper and 37% zinc. It is a "Yellow Brass" The following offers general information on a selection of brasses based on copper to zinc ratio: Guilding Metal: (90% Cu + 10% Zn), CZ101, Bronze Gold colour, typically used for Architectural Features, Ornamental Trim, Jewellery, Vitreous Enamel Base, Badges. Guilding Metal: (85% Cu + 15% Zn), CZ102, Tan Gold colour, Red Brass, typically used for Architectural Applications Brass: (80% Cu + 20% Zn), CZ103, Golden Colour, typically used for Decorative Trim. Cartridge Brass: (70% Cu + 30% Zn), CZ106, Green Gold colour, Highly ductile, good cold forming properties. Common Brass: (63% Cu + 37% Zn), CZ 108, Yellow colour, General Purpose Brass Engraving Brass: (59% Cu + 39% Zn + 2% PB), CZ120, Brass Plaque colour, Contains a little lead for easy machining. Brass is characterised by its versatile properties which are modified by changing the ratios of copper and zinc and by adding other elements such as tin and aluminum. Changing the alloy compositions affects: machinability, cold working properties, brazing properties, ductility, plateability, corrosion resistance, mechanical properties, impact resistance and colour. CZ108 cross references are: UNS - C27200, AS - 272, BSI - CuZn37, ISO - C2720, EN - CW508L

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