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Classic Copper Sheet Metal

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Classic Copper Sheet

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106 Grade Copper Sheet is 99.9% pure copper it has an excellant appearance and is good for cold working, fabrication and soldering. Page down for more information.

This sheet comes with a peelable protective plastic film on one side.

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Copper sheet is very corrosion resistant and has a diverse range of applications because of its unique properties. Copper sheet metal is easy to form into complex shapes. Copper acquires an appealing natural greenish patina when used outdoors which protects the metal from further corrosion. Copper sheet is a good conductor of heat and the best conductor of electricity after silver. Copper has natural antibacterial properties, the growth of bacterial on the surface of the sheet is greatly slowed and there is a markedly lower population density than on traditional metals like stainless steel. This makes copper an additional defense against infections. Copper sheet metal can be used in kitchens as work surfaces, splash backs, trims, push plates and kick plates for example. Copper is also used as a biocide to control pests on plants. It is often used to remove fungi that grow on leaves. In France copper fungicide is used on vines that produce grapes for wine. Copper tube is used for water pipes and central heating systems beacuse it does not corrode and is ductile so it is easy to bend and shape.. Copper has been used to make coins for centuries, coins are passed from hand to hand innumerable times and because of its antibacterial properties this diminishes the chances of passing on infections. Copper is non-alergenic and often people wear bracelets made from it to improve their health. Artheritis sufferers claim copper bracelets makes them feel better. Typical applications of copper sheet metal are roofing, heat exchangers, heat sinks, radiators, gaskets, electrical contacts, electrical busbars, jewelery, architectural features, decorative features, splash backs, ornaments. Grade C106 copper is 99.9% pure, it is tough, malleable and ductile, it has excellant cold working properties and performs well with bending, riveting, soldering and brazing. The corrosion resistance of copper is excellant to most atmospheres. Copper sheet metal will develop a blue green patina when used outdoors. This adds character, when copper is used for building features such as a roofing and cladding. Grade C103 copper is 99.9% pure, it is oxygen free high conductivity electrical quality copper. It is mainly used for electrical busbars. Copper Specification Cross References Copper Alloy - BS - CEN - UNS Cu-OF - C103 - CW008A - C10200 Cu-DHP - C106 - CW024A- C12200 Cu-ETP- C101 - CW004A - C11000

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