MetalOffcuts stocks catering grade and food grade stainless steel sheet in thickness’ 0.7mm, 0.9mm and 1.2mm.

Finishes include “Satin Brushed” , Circles Polish, Natural Plain Grey, Bright Finish, (often seen in the chippy), embossed and mirror finish.

Stainless Grades

430, (1.4016  – 17% chrome), good corrosion resistance generally used indoors for splash backs, (back splashes) and equipment panels      Go to Store

304, (1.4301 –  18% chrome 8% nickel) better corrosion resistance than 430, generally used indoors and outdoor catering, (burger vans etc) and food preparation areas.     Go to Store

316, (1.4401 – 17% chrome 11% nickel) better corrosion resistance than 304, generally used where there are corrosive food products.    Go to Store

We offer custom cut sizes up to 2000mm x 1250mm

No Minimum Size & No Minimum Quantity

  • We Work With Many Metal Sheet Products Including: