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Copper sheet is particularly easy to work, even when cold. Thin sheet can be bent by hand and it is good for soldering, stamping, brazing, and riveting. Copper withstands environmental pressures very well and gives a good looking finish in many applications. Copper sheet is widely used in roofing and around the home. Like brass, copper sheet can be used in craft and jewellery making because of its good looking finish and malleability. Copper has recently been discovered to be a natural anti microbial metal and does not support the growth of many bacteria like MRSA which makes it good for door push plates for example where infections are passed hand to hand.


This is our stock, we cut any size up to the maximum size shown

Product Finish Thickness mm Max Size mm
C106 Classic Natural 0.4 1200 x 600
C106 Classic Natural 0.5, 0.7, 0.9, 1.2, 1.5, 3.0 2000 x 1000
C101 Classic Natural 2.0 2000 x 1000
  • C106 is 99.9% pure copper, it is tough, malleable and ductile.
  • Excellent cold working properties and performs well with bending, riveting, soldering and brazing.
  • Corrosion resistant to most atmospheres is excellent.
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