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Stainless Steel Mirrors

MetalOffcuts mirrors are hygenic, they are made from 18/8 stainless steel and do not stain or tarnish. They are practically unbreakable and suitabe for use in public places.

  • Suitable for Washrooms, Factories, Pisons, Public Buildings, Hospitals, Schools, Gardens, Horse Stables.
  • These mirrors are unbreakable, vandal resistant and totally more durable than plastic mirrors.
  • Manufactured from 0.9mm grade 304 stainless steel, (18% chrome 8% nickel), with a Super Bright Mirror Finish.
  • All mirrors are made to measure, sizes and shapes to your specification, maximum size is 2000mm x 1000mm.


We can punch holes around the mirror perimeter and supply Mirror screws with Dome Covers, or basic stainless steel posidrive screws.

Mirrors can be bonded direct to suitable surfaces with double sided tape, or laminated on to mdf or pvc sheet or fixed direct with screws.

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