The Advantages of Copper Push Plates

Copper Push Plates not only look high-quality but they also have a very hygienic use as well.

Copper Push Plates can prevent MRSA, C difficle superbugs. It also kills a number of other dangerous germs

Studies have shown that Copper Push Plates can kill up to 95% of bugs and Superbugs.

Copper Push Plates are not just decorative but also very practical in Hospitals, Schools, Wash Rooms and many more public places as the number of germs dramatically decreased on a copper surface.

Did you know that the Egyptians and Greeks also used Copper to sterilize there drinking water and wounds over 4000 years ago. Also that the New York’s Statue of Liberty is sheathed in more than 80 tones of copper

Here are some facts about Copper:

  • Copper cookware is the most highly-regarded by the world’s chefs
  • It can kill up to 95% of Bacteria and MRSA
  • One of the famous Dead Sea Scrolls found in Israel is made of copper (the scroll also contains clues to undiscovered treasure)
  • Can reduces your Laptop over heating when a used as a shim

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