Metal Etching

Zinc Etching was first invented by Daniel Hopfer around 1470 in Germany, Daniel Hopfer used the process of Zinc Etching to decorate his armour,

Zinc etching is a form of printing, there are many various ways to do this such as Aquatint, Soft-ground and Relief etching, and you can achieve various finishes depending on the method you use,

Etching can also be used on Copper, Brass or Steel, Copper tends to be more accurate and preferred as it holds the texture very good,

Etching can be used to print, Decorate and even etch photos. Etching is also known as Chemical Milling and Photo-Chemical Machining,

Did you know is 1937 a famous violinist David Rubinoff was accused of inviting a young lady to his hotel room so she could view some of his French etching, Instead of doing so he seduced her,

In the early 1900s this was very common way and enticing young women back to their apartments to view Artistic etchings.


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