HHO Hydrogen Generator Plates

Metaloffcuts now offers HHO Hydrogen Generator Cell Plates in Low Carbon Grade 316 Stainless Steel. These are typically in 0.9mm thickness and cut to customers sizes.

They can be supplied either as blanks for customers to fabricate themselves or supplied finished with holes punched and corners cropped.

They are not in our shop but prices can be obtained by making an online enquiry or phone call to 0151 526 4777.

js_hydrogengeneratorcell HHO Cell picture courtesy of  Hydrogen Cars Ltd


2 Responses to “HHO Hydrogen Generator Plates”
  1. Bob Conner says:

    I have built an HHO cell and I need it to produce more hydrogen gas. What is it that makes the difference? More/less plates? Thinner/thicker gauge steel? Electrolyte formula? Space between plates? Size of plates? Position of O-rings? Size of water-flow holes? I can’t seem to nail it down! Please can someone who is an expert on this subject help me out! Thank you!! Jules


  2. Bob Conner says:

    There are many hho generator manufacturers that obviously have sold thousands of units, anyone buy one recently and try it on a newer vehicle?


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