Copper Sheet

Copper Sheet is Anti-Bacterial and has various uses, Copper Push plates are very good in hospitals and schools and it kills 99.9% of bacteria including MRSA. Copper can also be used for decorative purposes; we make Table tops out of Copper as well as cladding and providing Copper for Jewellery schools. Copper was one of the first metals used by man and can be dated back over 1000 years, you may not know but copper is used every were, From Roofs to... [Read More...]

Metal Etching

Zinc Etching was first invented by Daniel Hopfer around 1470 in Germany, Daniel Hopfer used the process of Zinc Etching to decorate his armour, Zinc etching is a form of printing, there are many various ways to do this such as Aquatint, Soft-ground and Relief etching, and you can achieve various finishes depending on the method you use, Etching can also be used on Copper, Brass or Steel, Copper tends to be more accurate and preferred as it holds the... [Read More...]

What is Green Patina

Green Patina Copper is artificially aged copper sheeting that could take up to ten years to achieve naturally.   Green Patina Copper can be used in Arts and Crafts and also personal projects as it is a very colorful and bright finish there are endless ways to use it.   You can even have a Green Patina Copper table top for outside use. As the years go on the table top will look more passionate and vintage as it also begins to naturally age... [Read More...]

Zinc Sheets for Life

Zinc sheets are very beneficial and also environmentally friendly as Zinc can be recycled also it can last up to 100 years or more and protects itself naturally from corrosion as it naturally patinas itself after time. Zinc sheets can be used for many things such as: Table Tops Cladding Flashing Roofing Personal Projects And there are many more ways that you can use Zinc. Zinc is also a very lightweight material and therefore can be easily manipulated... [Read More...]

Aluminum in Everyday Applications

Aluminum is used in our every day lives such as Trains, Cars, Buses, Buildings and many more. Aluminum is a light weight metal but it is also very strong and versatile it can be Molded, Rolled, Painted and Engraved so there are countless ways Aluminum can be used and many industries it can be used in. It also has a good natural way to resist corrosion. Aluminum comes in many forms and grades so it can be used for: Arts and Crafts Building Materials Packaging Electricity Transport Flooring Jewelry... [Read More...]

Uses of Galvanized Steel

Galvanized Steel is a very economical metal that does not corrode easily and it can last at life time as it is coated in Zinc so it will not rust. Galvanized Steel also does not need much maintenance. Galvanized Steel has a lot of uses such as: Motor Car Bodies Building Materials House Hold Appliances Roofing and Wall Cladding Gardening Signs Metal Pails Steel Framing Engineering Components. Galvanized Steel is a major component that is used in... [Read More...]

Using Brass for Arts and Crafts

Brass is a long lasting metal that will not tarnish easily and it also has a very attractive appearance which is quite similar to gold and if you want the Brass to look a little more antique and aged there is some simple ways to do that by using every day house hold products. Brass is also very hygienic as it kills MRSA and Clostridium Difficile so it’s very beneficial in public places or just at home. Brass can be used for: Necklaces Rings Friendship... [Read More...]

Stainless Steel Magnet Boards

Stainless Steel Magnet Boards are a handy and useful to leave reminders to loved ones or for you. The Magnetic Boards are a hassle free way to leave messages without leaving a mess. Stainless Steel Magnet Boards also add a modern look to any room of your home or place of work. Stainless Steel Magnet Boards can also be helpful for your children to help the read and write and also count by using the Magnet Boards as a new fun learning technique. Stainless... [Read More...]

Unbreakable and Vandal Proof Mirrors

Unbreakable and Vandal Proof Horse Mirrors are very hygienic as they are made from 18/8 stainless steel because of this there widely used in Hospitals, Schools, Pubs/Clubs, Washrooms and Stables. Stainless Steel 18/8 also doesn’t Stain, Tarnish or Shatter as a result there very beneficial in public places. The Unbreakable Mirror is also very good for Horses as various studies have shown that Horses are a lot better-off and more relaxed with a... [Read More...]

The Advantages of Copper Push Plates

Copper Push Plates not only look high-quality but they also have a very hygienic use as well. Copper Push Plates can prevent MRSA, C difficle superbugs. It also kills a number of other dangerous germs Studies have shown that Copper Push Plates can kill up to 95% of bugs and Superbugs. Copper Push Plates are not just decorative but also very practical in Hospitals, Schools, Wash Rooms and many more public places as the number of germs dramatically... [Read More...]

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