Zinc Etching Plates

Metaloffcuts supplies etching plates to print design studios and colleges direct from our factory. A typical 2 meter x 1 meter x 1mm thick bright finish zinc sheet costs around £80.00 and we cut to size  free of charge in most cases. A peal-able plastic is applied to both sides of the sheet. Deliveries through UK and Worldwide. Just click on the Contact us and email for a quote.  Read More →

Door Step Covers, (Threshold Covers) Made to Order

MetalOffcuts manufactures door step covers, alternatively called threshold covers, to customers sizes in most of the metals in our store. Most doorsteps have different sizes meaning that standard off the shelf products do not fit properly. We can make to your sizes and deliver in 3 to 5 working days Send us a sketch to the contact link for a price  Read More →

World Wide Export

We now export to the Middle East, potential customers should email a list of metals and sizes from our store for a shipping cost. If the sizes in the store are not suitable please ask for the sizes you want. We will get back to you with a price and Air Freight costs.  Read More →

Sony Playstation 3, PS3, Copper Mod

Metaloffcuts are renown for their 99.9% purity copper mods for computer processors which reduce operating temperatures and potentially increases the life expectancy of computers now offer a copper mod for the Sony Playstation 3, PS3. This mod consists of 2 copper shims 42mm x 42mm x 1.2mm thickness.  Thermal paste will be required. These will soon be stocked here in our Metaloffcuts Ecom shop but are available now and globally from our Ebay shop,... [Read More...]

Surplus K44, (F18MT) Stainless Sheets

Surplus Stock of K44, (F18MT) stainless steel sheets 2500 x 1250 x 0.8mm. A customer of Metaloffcuts has 9 of these specialist grade sheets for sale at a good price. K44 is Niobium-titanium stabilized molybdenum containing 18 % chromium ferritic stainless steel. It is typically used for Agrofood industry,  Hot water tanks,  Boilers,  Fume ducts, Heat exchangers,  Tubes &  Solar panels. Subject to being unsold contact details are... [Read More...]

New Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet Sizes

Perforated stainless sheet is typically used for filtering and sieving. Metal Offcuts has added two new perforation sizes to its range. These are 1.5mm hole diameter at 2.6mm centres in grade 304, (1.4301) and 2.0mm diameter holes at 3.5mm centres in grade 316, (1.4401). A grade 304 stainless steel perforated stainless steel sheet with a 58% open area will be also be available in June 2011. The full range is displayed in our online store.  Read More →

Circles Stainless Steel for Burger Vans

Metaloffcuts now stocks grade 304, (18/8), stainless steel sheet with circles finish, (sometimes called semi circles or swirl finish) Most popular with Burger Vans and Outside Catering Vans this metal is suitable for food prep areas, equipment and wall cladding. The stock thickness is 0.7mm so it can be glued and / or screwed in place. Metaloffcuts offers a cut to size service as well as standard sizes up to 2000mm x 1000mm. Sheet bending is also... [Read More...]

Bespoke Front Door Step Covers / Threshold Covers

MetalOffcuts now manufactures bespoke Front DoorStep Covers / Threshold Covers in a range of metals including, Brass, Mirror Stainless Steel, Chequer Plate, Brushed and Plain Stainless Steel. Simple bends or bull noses are available. Customers simply email us for a quote via the Contact Us form. Information we require is the metal type, width,  step sizes, angles & bends. Sending a dimensioned sketch is quite often simpler via an email to Sales@MetalOffcuts.co.uk  Read More →

HHO Hydrogen Generator Plates

Metaloffcuts now offers HHO Hydrogen Generator Cell Plates in Low Carbon Grade 316 Stainless Steel. These are typically in 0.9mm thickness and cut to customers sizes. They can be supplied either as blanks for customers to fabricate themselves or supplied finished with holes punched and corners cropped. They are not in our shop but prices can be obtained by making an online enquiry or phone call to 0151 526 4777. HHO Cell picture courtesy of  Hydrogen... [Read More...]

Horse Stable Mirrors in Stainless Steel

Metaloffcuts now manufacturs stable mirrors for horses in Mirror Polish Stainless Steel. These mirrors will not shatter and are long lasting. Sizes available in our shop up to 1200mm x 1200mm, though we make any size to order. The sheet is a rugged 1.2mm thick. We can also do folding if a corner mirror is required. Mirrors now available in our shop  Read More →

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