Why Use Heatsinks to Cool Computer Processors?

Why Use Heatsinks to Cool Computer Processors Components disburse heat.  Heatsinks disburse it.  This must happen in order to maintain a reasonable operating temperature…the hotter a component gets, the less reliable…The temperature directly effects the overall life of the component, computer processor, etc…so this is where heatsinks come into the picture. The video on this page is titled “Electronics Thermal Heatsink... [Read More...]

Tom, USA, Aluminum Sheet

I was very please to be able to deal with MetalOffCuts, they delivered everything in a timely manner and all cuts received were top quality.  Read More →

Chris, London, UK, Asus Laptop Heatsink

I upgraded my laptop (Asus C90S) from a nVidia graphics card (which used to overheat – 80 degrees) to an ATI mobility graphics card The heatsink wouldn’t touch the GPU so I needed the copper shim to pad out the gap. The 0.5mm copper shim covers the GPU, I used heat transfer grease on both sides. The aluminium heatsink then bolts on to the card I tried different pads but anything thicker would raise the heatsink too high away from the RAM chips.... [Read More...]

Patina Zinc Sheet

Another product we sell in custom sizes is Patinated, (Pre-weathered), Zinc sheet metal. The finish colour is Quartz which is a mid grey. Enquire online for a price or call 0151 526 4777 Visit MetalSheets website, a group busness which has a weath of infomation on zinc sheet metal and links to many interesting facts.  Read More →

Patina Copper Sheet

MetalOffCuts now carries stock of patinated (pre-weathered) copper sheet, thickness 0.7mm. In nature it would take up to 10 years to achieve this finish Its not in the shop yet but we can offer cut pieces from 100mm x 100mm  upto 2000mm x 1000mm. Just enquire for a price for your sizes.  Read More →