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  • Sheet Metal is Used for a Variety of Purposes, Such as Food Service, Restaurant Splashback, Home Improvement as well as Metal that is Corrosion Resistant for Marine Environments.
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    Zinc Etching Plates

    Metaloffcuts supplies etching plates to print design studios and colleges direct from our factory. A typical 2 meter x 1 meter... 

    Door Step Covers, (Threshold Covers) Made to Order

    MetalOffcuts manufactures door step covers, alternatively called threshold covers, to customers sizes in most of the metals in... 

    World Wide Export

    We now export to the Middle East, potential customers should email a list of metals and sizes from our store for a shipping cost. If... 

    Metal Fabrication Blog

    What is Green Patina

    Green Patina Copper is artificially aged copper sheeting that could take up to ten years to achieve naturally.   Green Patina... 

    Zinc Sheets for Life

    Zinc sheets are very beneficial and also environmentally friendly as Zinc can be recycled also it can last up to 100 years or...